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Find great punk music online

The great thing about the age of the internet with relation to music is that you can sample just about anything you want without having to plunk down your hard earned cash. Fire up one of the many free streaming radio style programs or Spotify and have a go at some of the most fantastic [...]

You don’t need to be a punk to listen to punk music

For some people the appeal of punk music isn’t nearly as much about the music as it is about the lifestyle and the fact that punk represents a rebellion from the mainstream. That’s wonderful but you don’t need to be a rebel or punk to enjoy this style of music. You can be anything you [...]

California punk music scene explodes

Punk rock originated in New York and England but soon spread to California where a staggering number of the modern punk music bands you probably love and listen to originated. You’d think with all that coastline that people would be a little calmer but there are a great many angry young men running around the [...]

The best punk music bands of all time

If you want an education in real punk music there are a few bands you’ll need to start with. The Ramones are considered by many to be the founders of punk, although to say that is a little disingenuous since like everyone else there were influenced by those that came before them. Their music served [...]

The mainstream acceptance of punk music

You have to imagine that the early punk bands were out of their minds with annoyance and perhaps anger when punk rock became a mainstream marketing tool in the 1990s. Marketers saw it as a way to appeal to younger audiences by selling these rather safe bands as being the kind of stuff their parents [...]

The best punk music albums of all time

You’ll find a great deal of support for The Clash’s self titled 1977 LP as being the greatest punk music album of all time. There are fantastic songs on it and more than that, it’s filled with the political, inflammatory lyrics that make punk music so amazing and easy to appreciate. They had a knack [...]

The best selling punk music albums of all time

Music in the ‘70s didn’t really sell like it did in the ‘90s and early 2000s so those early bands that shook the world didn’t move nearly as many albums as you might imagine. In fact, the best selling punk rock album of all time is Dookie by Green Day. It was their first album, [...]

Punk rock concept albums that rule

Since its early days punk rock has come a long way. When The Ramones were banging out chords and the Sex Pistols were screaming into the mic no one imagined that a concept album would come from a punk band. Those were for the rock guys that had gotten so lost in their own self [...]

The start of punk music

Punk music came about in the mid 70s with bands like The Ramones, The Clash, the Sex Pistols, and others establishing a new style of rock that captured the ears of the youth. Early punk musicians were disdainful of what they saw as the excesses of rock and roll, overproduction, and crappy songs that didn’t [...]