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Punk rock concept albums that rule

Since its early days punk rock has come a long way. When The Ramones were banging out chords and the Sex Pistols were screaming into the mic no one imagined that a concept album would come from a punk band. Those were for the rock guys that had gotten so lost in their own self importance. It’s happened though and we’re better for it since the punk music concept albums are amazing.
You probably know about American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, both of which are concept albums that delight the ears. The Jam released an album in 1979 called Setting Songs that was about three friends that go to war and reunite upon their return. It’s not a perfect album but the songs are great. My Chemical Romance released The Black Parade in 2007 and it tells the story of a dying man reliving the best times of his life before he ascends to the afterlife. There are others and they’re all worth checking out.