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The mainstream acceptance of punk music

You have to imagine that the early punk bands were out of their minds with annoyance and perhaps anger when punk rock became a mainstream marketing tool in the 1990s. Marketers saw it as a way to appeal to younger audiences by selling these rather safe bands as being the kind of stuff their parents would never listen to, thus making it extra cool to rock out too. That’s in part how Green Day and Blink 182 sold so many copies.
Does it really matter though? Should you really care that Green Day might not be real punk or that Blink 182 is just a pop band using slightly different songs? I can’t imagine why you’d care either way. It seems like you should simply celebrate the amazing fact that there’s a ton of great music out there for you and if you need that hard and fast and totally anti-establishment punk then you can dial it back to the 1970s and have some fun.